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Since 1995, the Maryland Biological Stream Survey (MBSS) has sampled over 3,400 stream sites around the State to evaluate the health of our streams. Stream Wader volunteers have provided valuable supporting information on more than 6,000 other sites. This interactive map provides Maryland’s citizens with a tool for reviewing the health of their local stream, or any stream statewide, that has been part of those assessments. Additionally, information is provided on the presence or absence of stream buffers and the amount of impervious surface – two important determinants of stream health.

The information provided in these maps is not intended to be exhaustive – there are other programs that evaluate the health of Maryland’s streams, and there are other factors influencing stream health. It is our intention to add more information to the map over time.

Click on the “User Guide” and “Understanding the Colors Used on the Map” buttons below for important directions and background information. When you are ready, go ahead and click on the “Launch the Interactive Map” button below to view the health of your stream.

User GuideUnderstanding the colors used on the map
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The "Public Schools" and "Stream Reaches" layers are turned on in the initial view.
Please zoom in to view these layers since they are not available in the statewide view.

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Message From the Governor

The health of the Bay is ultimately determined by what we do on the land -- in our cities and towns, on our farms and forests, in our schools and backyards. The 10,000 miles of streams that run through our communities can deliver either clean water or pollutants to the Bay. It’s our Bay and it’s our choice.

Thank you for choosing to get involved in improving the health of your stream and our Bay.